Why does lunch taste better when you don’t have to make it?  Ha, ha, ha, ever feel this way? On some days this holds very true for me, especially when it is hot and the variety of flavors takes me back a good restaurant. This meal is very satisfying and definitely on the spicy side.

These power bowls pack a bunch of veggies with a filling source of protein from grilled chicken and black beans.  A single serving provide only 210 calories; 6 grams of fat; 600 milligrams of sodium (not too bad); a whopping 7 grams of fiber and 20 gram of filling protein. And there is still plenty of room for an additional side like yogurt or fruit plus dessert!

I already feel your questions so here we go . . .

Isn’t this a diet meal? 

I believe portion controlled definitely have a place in the diet. And by diet, I mean, your way of eating everyday, no quick-fix diet. These types of meals can keep you track while satisfying your craving for a warm delectable dish.  And who knew riced cauliflower could be this good!  Seriously! Just make note – it is spicy, but there are many different varieties that do not contain jalapenos.

What if I am hungry after I eat this meal? 

Yes, you probably will be hungry so include a side or a dessert.  There is not harm in adding more food because this is very low in calories while providing adequate fiber and protein for a meal.  The great thing about this meal is that you can totally add mini ice cream sandwich or whatever toots your horn for a summer treat!  Go ahead and enjoy!

Aren’t these frozen dinners full of sodium?

Yes, sodium is usually added to many frozen meal but this one ranks pretty good.  If you aim for less than 800 milligrams of sodium per meal – you are doing great!  The Healthy Choice brand follows the guidelines for fat, sodium and cholesterol.


I love this cardboard bowl instead of the double plastic bowls like in the steamers.  It reminds me of eating at a Whole Foods buffet or the cute little lunch we got in New York City a few years ago (then went to Central Park to eat our lunch and saw the giant rats, ha!).

This variety of the Healthy Choice Power Bowls are the Grain Free Power Bowls. 

There are a number of different varieties to check out if you are wanting a simple, heat and eat lunch.


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